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WMT Intuit Link Portal

WMT Intuit Link Portal

What should I do to sign up for WMT Intuit Link Portal?

For new clients to sign up, an invite is required from your Tax Expert.
For Old Clients pls click here.

What If I already have an Intuit online account?

If you already hold an account, pls use your email ID to login, upload the documents and do inform your Tax Expert about the same

How do I log in into WMT Intuit Link Portal after sign up?

  • Go to the Intuit Link website for taxpayers.(link here)
  • Enter your Intuit online account Email or user ID.
  • Enter the password.
  • Click Sign In.

    How can I upload and Download Tax documents from WMT Intuit Link Portal?
    It’s very easy. Please click here to Guide to WMT Intuit Link for Clients

    Please Click here to Guide to WMT Intuit Link for Clients

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