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WMT Intuit Link Portal

WMT Intuit Link Portal

If you would like to share your tax data with us, we are very happy to introduce you to a new secure web portal that we have adopted for your taxes. The portal itself is from Intuit and offers some of the highest security and encryption standards.

We highly recommend that you sign up with this portal to securely communicate with us and efficiently manage your taxes.

Please send us an emailat info@workmytaxes.com to get an invite from us to sign up. Please take a few minutes to sign-up.

Here are some benefits you will experience

  • It‘s FREE
  • It’s Easy – Upload your Tax documents from a computer or mobile device or directly from your Financial Institution
  • It’s Secure:
  • Get your draft and final Tax copies for your record. Access your tax return copies year roundfor free
  • Year on year it gets easier for you to file taxes because your information is readily available, sources of your tax documents like your W2’s from ADP, 1099’s from your brokerage etc. are all electronically connected. Your effort of putting it together is much reduced.

Please Click here to Guide to WMT Intuit Link for Clients

Once you sign up and if we want to access your portal Click Below:

WMT Intuit Link PortalLogin

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