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Ex-Patriates and Dual-Citizen Taxes

When moving overseas, one of the biggest questions many have concerns expat tax.

Expatriate taxation is perhaps the most complex area of personal taxation, not least because it often involves the interaction of the tax systems of two countries.

United States citizens living abroad are required to file annual U.S. income tax returns and report their worldwide income. America has tax treaties with 42 countries where the IRS and tax agencies agreed to have tax rules applicable their citizens.

Workmytaxes has unique expertise to understand the US taxes and the tax laws abroad, especially in India. All returns are prepared to determine the best use of the foreign income exclusion and/or foreign tax credit and tax treaties. We have a decent cliental base for this services.

Our tax experts are very well converse with FBAR and FATCA related laws.

Read here more about FBAR and FATCA.

Our Services includes:

  • Tax filing for US citizens living abroad
  • Tax filing for citizens of the other country living in USA
  • Nonresident tax filing
  • Dual citizenship and duel residence status filing
  • ITIN application
  • FBAR filing
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