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WorkMyTaxes Knows How to Work Taxes

WorkMyTaxes was established in 2005 as an independent consultancy boutique and tax filing agency with a focus on offering tax filing and consultancy services in USA & India. Our specialists have a deep understanding of international taxation and routinely help clients who have assets and income in multiple countries. We are an expert tax team, specialized in taxes for all types of visa holders including H1, L1,F1,J1, B1, Green card holders and citizens. Our vision is to become your tax service provider with excellent and unmatched services that fit an ever-changing and growing list of satisfied clients.

Workmytaxes services clients across the US without the limits of physical proximity. Many of our clients are located in Jersey City and they are able to complete taxes over phone or visit us over weekends.

Our primary focus is to help you to stay within the limits of the law while keeping more of your money in your pocket. The right advice can mean saving quite a bit of money and/or increasing your refund!

Top Reasons to Choose Our Tax Services Include the Following:

  • Value and Quality Service for Your Money
  • Convenient Timings Including Over the Weekend
  • Excellent Customer Satisfaction & Experience
  • We’re Committed Tax Experts
  • Prompt Service
  • Enjoy Our Easy Process from the Comfort of Your Home

We offer a wide range of tax support services including, individual filing, business filing, amended returns, dual citizenship returns and other tax services. Expert tax services can go a long way in making tax filing less stressful and more productive.

Our goal is to provide you with the financial services support that you need to maximize your refund and reduce your tax liabilities. Our staff of professionals can help with accounting, estate planning and other services that are focused on ensuring that you get the most out of your income.

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