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What’s New

What’s New

New Website:
WorkMyTaxes is entering into its 10th year of business. As technology and way of business is changing rapidly, we felt that it’s time for a new redesign for the company’s website.

WorkMyTaxes is introducing to you a new website with a new logo. The new website gives you more information, is easy to navigate, uses latest technology with mobile-friendly layout and is social media integrated.

Direct transfer of fees using your bank account
In last few years, our clients have been demanding consistently to pay our fees through bank to bank transfer.  Now you can. You can transfer money from your bank account to our Bank Of America Account. For more information, please click here

Refund to your American Express Serve card
You do not have any bank account or you do not want to get your refund in your bank account, you can ask your refund through a debit card which calls American Express Serve Card with a little fee as $5 per month. For more Info click here

India tax filing
Starting this April, WorkMyTaxes will also be providing tax filing services for India. You no longer need to be dependent on your friends or family to get you returns completed in India. We will be your one-stop tax advisors.

E-file of prior year returns
WorkMyTaxes now introducing to eFile your prior year’s taxes, if you have not filed them at all.

WMT Intuit Link Portal to share and get Tax documents:
We are very happy to introduce you to a new secure web portal that we have adopted for your taxes. The portal itself is from Intuit and offers some of the highest security and encryption standards.
We highly recommend that you sign up with this portal to securely communicate with us and efficiently manage your taxes. Read More

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