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US Taxes

To prepare your taxes accurately and completely we have prepared simple steps for you to follow. This will help you to save time and money.

To get started for your taxes –

  1. Review the Checklist and gather all applicable documents. Though the list is extensive, you only have to collect the documents applicable to you.
  2. Complete the Client Information Sheet (CIS). Please sign the engagement agreement provided therein.
  3. Upload to secure portal/email/fax securely Client Information Sheet (CIS) with your Tax documents.
    Upload: Please call us to send you an invite email to sign up.
    Email: info@workmytaxes.com
    Fax: (201) 338-6482 or

  4. Set up an appointment to complete your tax return.You can set up an appointment for a Tax Interview either on the phone or in person as convenient for you. Tax interview is an interactive process through a series of simple questions asked by our tax specialists to gather and discuss all your tax information/documents required to prepare your tax returns.
    Telephone Interview/Video Conferencing: We can complete the interview on the phone or video conference. Please remember to send us your documents at least 24 hours before the interview. This process is very smooth and well established for last 15 years.

    Personal Visit: You can visit us personally with prior appointment as we operate from multiple locations.

  5. Pay Fees for Tax Preparation

    Our fees can be paid by online bank transfer, cash, check, Venmo, credit/debit card. 3% surcharge will be applicable on all credit card payments.You can also transfer money directly to our Bank Of America account. You can find payment details here. Remember, our fee becomes payable once we begin working on your taxes.

  6. Review your Draft Returns

    After the tax interview, our tax experts will prepare your tax return and send you a draft copy of your tax returns after you pay our fees. Please carefully review the information on the tax returns before our experts finalize them. The Draft tax Return will be shared through Secured online Link or password protected pdf. Please click here to know about Secured Online Link

  7. Filing of Federal and State returns

    Once we receive confirmation on the draft taxes, we will eFile your tax returns if you are eligible for it. If your return is not eligible for e-file, we will give you a copy of the taxes with appropriate instructions to mail to the respective authorities.

  8. Get a Copy of Final Tax Return

    You will get a copy of your final tax return for your records through Secured online Link. Please download and save it for future reference. If you need another copy of tax return after the tax filing process is over, please request it from our website by making a nominal payment as mentioned.

  9. Payment of your Tax dues to Tax authorities

    If you have any Tax dues to federal or any states, you need to pay them before 18th April without any penalty.
    You can pay tax dues in any of following ways:

    Opt for Direct Bank withdrawal in your Tax Return. You need to share Bank account and routing number with Tax authorities.
    You can pay online. To pay online click here
    Pay through check. You will find the payment instructions in first few pages of your Final Tax Return copy.

    Whichever option you choose to pay your Tax dues, it is your responsibility to track that the amount has been withdrawn from your Bank account in time.

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