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To-Do after Tax Filing

During the year any Tax related help/questions:
  • Our fee includes only Tax filing services for that one year
  • You need to sign Annual Retainers Agreement with us during Tax filing for all year support OR
  • The charges will be extra as per services needed.
If you get a notice/letter from IRS/Tax Authorities:
  • Send us scan copy of all pages of the notice as an attachment as soon as you receive.
  • We will reply to you within a week’s time of receipt of notice.
If you are getting refund:
  • For Efiled Returns – expect your refund within 3-4 weeks.
  • For Paperfile/ITIN – expect refund after you receive ITIN (generally 60 days).
  • Track your federal refund here, after one week and state refund after 3 weeks of efiling.
  • If you still do not see your Tax refund, then contact us through email
If you owe Taxes to Federal and/or to States:
  • Check your Bank account for Tax dues withdrawal by IRS/State Authorities on the date of withdrawal as mentioned in taxes. If it is NOT withdrawn, contact us immediately through email.
  • WorkMyTaxes will not be responsible for any penalty and interest charged by tax authorities after 5 days of the withdrawal date mentioned in the Tax return.
  • If you have decided to pay tax dues through check, send it before 15th April as per the instructions.
If you have applied for ITIN:
  • Email us ITIN for state tax E-filing once you receive it. No need to call.
  • You will get state refund after e-filing state taxes.
  • Contact us for state extension if you don’t receive ITIN by 10th April.
  • Contact IRS on 1-267-941-1000, if you did not get ITIN within 3 months.
Final Tax Return Copy
  • Keep a copy of your Final Tax Return for 5 years for your record
  • Change the password on your file which you can remember.
  • We charge $50/-, if you need old Tax Return copies.
After 15th April, please check www.workmytaxes.com for Business Hours.
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