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Letter or Notice from Tax Authorities

I am your existing customer and I received a letter/ notice from IRS/state tax authorities. Will you help? Are you going to charge a fee for this service?
With increasing reporting requirements, changing tax laws and especially if you have filed for ITIN etc, we see increasing notices from both IRS and the state governments. Some of the notices are routine and some require extensive attention.

If and when you receive such notices, we are here to help you respond and resolve those notices.

When you receive the notice, send us a copy of the notice (all pages) you have received by email (or fax) at your earliest. It is important we review the Actual Notice before we advise you.
In the past, many of you have attempted explaining the matter on the phone. But on this important legal matter, we prefer not to be clouded by your interpretation of the letter.

After we review your email we will call you with a plan of action and discuss the details.

FEES: Yes there is a fee for our services. At the time of filing taxes we charge you for the time we spend in preparing your taxes. If Tax authorities decide to pick your case to send a notice, we spend additional time to respond to that notice. So, any additional time is billable separately. The actual fee is determined on a case by case basis. Our hourly rate is $250/hr.

However, if you have signed up for our Annual Tax Consulting Retainer, most matters can be resolved without an additional fee.

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