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You may Need to renew your ITINs! It might have expired.

Two reasons an ITIN would Expire as of 1st Jan 2017:

  • If you did not use ITINs for your spouse and dependents like kids and parents, on a US Tax Return at least once in last three years 2013,2014 and 2015


  • If your ITIN has the middle digits 78 or 79 i.e. 9NN-78-NNNN or 9NN-79-NNNN.

IRS has mailed Letter 5821 between 8/15 and 9/20/2016 to all ITIN holders with middle digits 78 or 79 that were currently being used on a tax return letting them know their ITIN would expire on January 1, 2017

This will delay the Tax return processing for filers with Expired Individual Tax Identification Numbers. All expired ITINs must be renewed before being used them on 2016 Tax return.

You should not renew an ITIN:

  • If the ITIN holder now has or is qualified to get a social security number (SSN)
  • If you wont be filing a US Tax Return for 2016, however in the future if you file a U.S. tax return or claim for refund, the ITIN (including for a dependent) will need to be renewed at that time.

What you need to do?

  • Check ITINs for your dependents such as kids, parents, check the above two criteria for expiration
  • Call us:
    • You can renew your ITIN now if it expired and you plan to use it on A US tax return
    • There are New documentation requirements when applying for or renewing an ITIN for certain dependents