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Starting early in 2016, you may receive one or more forms relating to the health care coverage you had during the 2015 year. The Affordable Care Act requires nearly all Americans to have health insurance. This form serves as proof to the IRS that you had coverage.

There are three versions of the 1095 form: 1095-A, 1095-B and 1095-C.

1095A – If you have insurance through by the marketplace

1095B – Issued by health Insurance providers, if you bought your health insurance directly  and didn’t go through healthcare.gov, or if you got your coverage through your employer.

1095C – If you work for a large group employer, they may send you a 1095-C tax form, depending on what health insurance coverage they offered to you.

The deadline for the Marketplace to provide Form 1095-A is February 1, 2016.  The deadline for insurers, other coverage providers and certain employers to provide Forms 1095-B and 1095-C has been extended to March 31, 2016. Individual taxpayers will generally not be affected by this extension and should file their returns as they normally would.

If you are expecting to receive a Form 1095-A, you should wait to file your 2015 income tax return until you receive that form.  However, it is not necessary to wait for Forms 1095-B or 1095-C in order to file.

The Marketplace, health coverage providers and applicable large employers will mail (or hand deliver) these forms to you or provide them electronically to you, if you have consented to electronic delivery.

You are likely to get more than one form if you had coverage from more than one coverage provider or if you worked for more than one employer that offered coverage. You are also likely to get more than one form if you changed coverage or employers during the year or if different members of your family received coverage from different coverage providers.